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Sage 50 Accounts

Sage 50 Accounts is the UK's market-leading accounts software. It's easy to get started and puts you in complete control of your finances, customers, suppliers and VAT, leaving you with more time to run your business.

Sage 50 Accounts
  • Get up & running in a few simple steps
  • Take more control of your finances
  • Easily & accurately manage your VAT
  • Manage your customers & sales
  • Understand your business performance
  • Work on the move from your mobile & tablet

Why choose Sage 50 Accounts?

  • Get up & running in a few simple steps

    With a simple installation process, it's easy to install set up. There's in-built help in your software, and you'll get 45 days free telephone support, so help is on hand when you need it.

  • Take more control of your finances

    Easily manage your accounts, understand your cash position and keep your bank records up to date. If you trade overseas, add the Foreign Trader module for just £120 and manage multiple currencies.

  • Easily & accurately manage your VAT

    VAT returns are easy. You can automatically and accurately calculate your VAT returns, verify them and submit them directly to HMRC online with a few simple clicks.

  • Manage your customers & sales

    Create and find all your customer details quickly and easily, store all your product and service information, and easily raise professional looking quotes & invoices or record sales at the click of a button.

  • Understand your business performance

    With a selection of reports at your fingertips to help you analyse and understand your business, you'll be able to make better business decisions.

  • Work on the move from your mobile or tablet

    Know how your business is performing wherever you are with the Sage 50 Accounts Mobile app. It's completely free to download and use and lets you manage your accounts wherever you are.

Take a closer look...

Quick specification

  • Price from: £619+VAT
  • 1 user and 1 company licence
  • 45 days FREE support
  • Free app for your mobile or tablet

Optional extras

You can add any of these extras at the checkout:

  • SageCover support: from £160+VAT
  • Up to 2 users & install over a network
    (additional £275+VAT)
  • Manage an unlimited number of companies
    (£286+VAT per additional company)
  • Manage multiple currencies
    (additional £120+VAT)

Easy to get up and running

  • Download and get started today when you buy through the Sage Store

  • Quick online registration and activation

  • Simple company setup that allows you to customise your software to match your business

  • Clear, simple language with no accounting jargon

  • Online help centre packed with guides and video demos

  • Demo & practice data to help you get to grips with 50 Accounts

  • Simple walk-throughs of key processes like Year End and VAT returns

  • 45 days free telephone support if you need help setting up or moving data

  • Easily import Microsoft Excel (.xls & .xlsx) and .csv files

Tailor to fit your business

  • Easily customise your reports to suit your business

  • Single user and single company licence included as standard

  • Up to 2 concurrent users & install over a network (2 user licence required - additional £275)

  • Manage the accounts of an unlimited number of companies (£286 per additional company)

  • Easily set up a Chart of Accounts that's suited to your business

  • Control budgets for key areas of your business & forecast cash flow

  • Preferences and access levels for different users

  • Manage your time and meet important deadlines with integrated diary

  • Keep your data safe with easy backup

  • Sage Pay - send and receive online payments

  • Sage 50 CIS - keep up with CIS legislation

Take the hassle out of VAT

  • Dedicated section to VAT walks you through all you need to do

  • Complete your VAT returns in four easy steps in the VAT wizard

  • Calculate & reconcile VAT returns easily

  • Use the VAT verifier to ensure your VAT returns contain the necessary transactions before you submit them.

  • Submit your VAT returns to directly to HMRC online (now a legal requirement for most businesses)

  • See the status of your VAT return from your software

  • Set up different tax codes and rates to suit your business

  • Manage standard VAT, VAT Cash Accounting, Flat Rate VAT & Irish VAT Cash Accounting

  • Record and manage EC Sales List returns

Manage your cash flow

  • Record money going in and out of your business

  • Manage multiple payment methods: cash, cheque, card, direct debits and discounts

  • See Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Reports

  • Share your data and information electronically with your accountant

  • See your credit position & reconcile with your bank account for up to date figures

  • Easily correct mistakes and set 'lock dates' to close-off financial periods

  • Process Year End and Month End easily with helpful step-by-step guide

Manage your customers

  • Create, store and easily find all your customer information

  • Search customer records instantly with the 'Quick search' feature

  • Customer dashboard highlights outstanding debts

  • Easily create & customise professional looking quotations and invoices

  • Record sales invoices in batches to save time

  • Send quotes, invoices and statements by email

  • Add Sage Pay 'Pay now' buttons to invoices for quick payment (requires Sage Pay subscription)

  • Check the profit of quotes before committing

  • Save and view a complete history of customer communication and activity

  • Apply flexible discounts & easily process refunds

  • Easily generate insightful reports to analyse customer activity, debt and your best customers

  • Record overseas transactions with the Foreign Trader module (additional £120 + VAT)

Manage your suppliers

  • Store supplier addresses, contacts and credit information

  • See a simple breakdown of outstanding invoices & who you owe money to

  • Identify urgent outstanding payments & set tasks to complete for the day

  • Record purchase invoices in batches to save time

  • Save and view a history of all supplier activity and communications

  • Pay invoices promptly from Sage 50 Accounts

  • Use a variety of reports to analyse your supplier debt, activity and performance

  • Search supplier records instantly with the 'Quick search' feature

  • Easily email documents to your suppliers

  • Record overseas transactions with the Foreign Trader module (additional £120 + VAT)

Manage your products and stock levels

  • Set up product stock codes, descriptions, categories and prices

  • Record services and easily create service quotes & invoices

  • See your top and bottom performing products on the handy dashboard

  • View the quantity and value of products you have in stock

  • Automatically update stock levels when invoices are posted

  • See the profitability of different products you offer

  • Keep your records up to date with a stock take

  • Add barcodes and QR codes to products to speed up processing

  • View sales broken down by different customers

  • Generate insightful reports about product performance

Work on the move from your mobile & tablet

  • Access instant snapshots of your finances

  • Connect to your live data for accurate figures

  • Secure encryption keeps your data 100% safe

Sage 50 Mobile:

  • Ideal for managing your finances on the move

  • Free for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android

  • See financial summaries at a glance so you're always up to speed

  • Set up customers & generate quotes and invoices

  • Instantly check sales histories and product performance

Sage 50 Accounts Pulse:

  • Instant insight on your Windows 8 device

  • Ideal for people outside your finance department who need to see financial summaries at a glance

  • Just £4.99 per month

Apple Mac compatibility

  • Sage software is not compatible with Apple Macs, unless you are running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 via Apple's Boot Camp utility.

What our customers think about Sage 50 Accounts

Here are just a few of our customers' thoughts about how Sage 50 Accounts helps their business...

Mojoa Hairdressing & Beauty Services
Darlington, County Durham

Simone Plackett, talks to us about how easy Sage 50 Accounts is to use, and how it helps with the running of her salon.

Mojoa needed accounts software that would help them measure their business performance, but it also had to be easy to use - easy enough for members of staff with no accounting experience.

They were recommended Sage 50 Accounts by their accountant ad have found it straightforward to set up, easy to use and it also gives them the ability to easily monitor their stock levels.

Key Health Solutions
Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire

David Storrs, Director at Key Health Solutions, talks to us about how Sage 50 Accounts makes his business life easier every day.

They needed a simple way to take care of their finances and get an insight into how their business was doing every day - from invoicing customers to preparing VAT returns.

They found Sage 50 Accounts straightforward and intuitive from day one, and they were up and running in no time.

Tamworth Heat Treatment
Tamworth, Staffordshire

Amanda Crilly, Director at Tamworth Heat Treatment, talks to us about how Sage 50 Accounts helps them manage their finances.

Tamworth Heat Treatment used to employ a third party to manage their accounts. Tired of wasting time and money, they decided to cut out the middle man and turned to Sage 50 Accounts to help manage their finances in-house.

Since choosing Sage 50 Accounts they haven't looked back. It saves them valuable time and money and helps them run their accounts every day from their office - from paying their suppliers on time to automatically calculating their VAT.

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