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Sage 50 Accounts

Straightforward Accounts Software

Manage your finances with our powerful small business accounting and invoicing solution.

For complete control of your cash flow, invoicing, banking, customers, suppliers and VAT, all at the touch of a button. And with Sage Drive you now have the freedom to work from your desktop or away from the office.

With all the reliability of desktop software, you can now use cloud technology to access your accounts wherever and whenever you need it. Sage Drive also allows you to share live data securely with your accountant - there's no need to wait for file transfers or stop processing - so less downtime for your business.

Choose the right solution for your business

Sage 50 Accounts is ideal for small to medium sized business (5 - 99 employees).

Our flexible payment plans are also designed to suit your business needs, plus you'll also be covered by our market leading support and expertise.

From £25 per month

30 inc VAT)

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Straightforward, simple to set up and easy to use.

  • Add up to 2 users & manage multiple companies
  • Easy to set up and manage your accounts
  • Manage invoices, cash flow, banking customers, suppliers and VAT
  • Manage sales, suppliers, stock and VAT


With additional tools to help you manage your finances.

  • Add up to 2 users & manage multiple companies
  • Total control from cash flow to VAT, to stock, sales and profits
  • Intuitive project costing tools
  • Manage your bill of materials and monitor your stock levels


Our most advanced accounting and invoicing solution.

  • Add up to 20 users & manage unlimited companies
  • Ideal for growing businesses who trade abroad (includes Foreign Trader module)
  • Advanced software offering the ultimate in financial control
  • Simple bank reconciliation, automatic VAT submissions and advanced stock control
  • Manage customers and suppliers, including creating and processing sales and purchase orders

Sage 50 Accounts 30 Day Trial

Enhance your software to suit your business

Apps & modules for Sage 50 Accounts

Whether you need to view your accounts away from the office or need industry specific functionality, our apps and modules are the perfect way to keep control of your business.

  • Payment Solution: Sage Payments
  • Do you trade overseas? Foreign Trader
  • Work in construction? Sage 50 CIS
  • Business insight: Tracker App
  • Manage sales: Mobile Sales App
  • Avoid late payments: Credit Hound Express
  • Bespoke Site Design: Ecommerce
Sage 50 variant Standard Plus Professional
Price from: £25 per month £50 per month £75 per month
Record Income & Expenses
See cash position of your business
Collaborate in realtime with your Accountant
Access from anywhere, anytime
Mobile App
Connect to your bank account
Create personalised invoices & quotes

Record & manage Payments

Produce Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Trial Balance
Manage VAT & submit online returns to HMRC
Record & track stock
Powerful, customisable Reporting
Manage multiple departments & budgets
Create Sales and Purchase Orders
Track Project income & expenses
Multi-Company No Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-User Up to 2 Up to 2 Up to 20

Sage Payments

Manage payments safely and securely with Sage Payments. Reduce time spent and save on errors with automated processes. Find Out More >

Sage Pay

Use Sage Pay to help speed up your cash flow by accepting debit & credit card payments online through your website, over the phone or directly from an invoice sent to your customers straight from Sage 50 Accounts. Find Out More >

Sage 50 Accounts Tracker App

Included in your Sage 50 Accounts subscription, Sage 50 Accounts Tracker app gives you secure, live access to your finances on the go, so you can make informed business decisions from wherever you are. Find Out More >

Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales App

Give your sales team the insight they need to work more effectively away from the office. Sage 50 Mobile Sales includes access to customer details and credit position as well as the ability to generate orders and invoices on the go. Find Out More >

Sage 50 CIS

Sage 50 Construction Industry Software works with your Sage 50 Accounts software to help you keep up to date and compliant with Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) legislation, and cut down the amount of time you spend managing your subcontractors' tax. Find Out More >

Foreign Trader - FREE with Sage 50 Accounts Professional

Foreign Trader app allows you to consolidate and control your overseas trade on one platform. Managing supplier details, tracking sales, raising invoices in multiple currencies and managing fluctuating exchange rates has never been easier. Find Out More >

Credit Hound Express

Credit Hound Express for Sage 50 Accounts is award-winning credit control software designed to help you manage risks, improve cash flow, reduce bad debts and improve your bank balance. Find Out More >

Ecommerce for Sage 50 Accounts powered by Actinic

Start selling online with Ecommerce for Sage 50 Accounts. Easily process orders and take payments, all the while, keeping track of your stock levels. Find Out More >

From £25 per month

30 inc VAT)

Buy Now 30 Day Trial Watch a Webinar

Getting Started

  • Buy from the Sage Store today and the software will be available immediately via download
  • Quick online registration and activation included as standard
  • Minimal configuration - users will be up and running in a matter of minutes
  • Straightforward company setup allows customisation to match any business
  • Clear, concise language means the software is totally free of accounting jargon
  • New and improved user interface design
  • Easy to navigate and highly effective accounting software
  • Practice data provided to allow unlimited testing with dummy numbers
  • Easy to import data from Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx and .csv files)
  • Includes instant collaboration with Accountants using Sage Client Manager

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Bespoke to Your Business

  • Single user and single company licence included as standard
  • Up to two concurrent users and network installation can be added (additional charge)
  • Upgrade to an unlimited number of companies (additional charge)
  • Set up a Chart of Accounts suited to the business
  • All reports can be customised to suit any business
  • Tailor the navigation and toolbar for quick access to most used features
  • Clearly labelled keyboard shortcuts to save you time
  • New interface is designed to make it easy to become an efficient user
  • Regular automatic back-ups can be scheduled without interrupting users
  • Create specific budgets for key areas of the business to simplify cash flow forecasting
  • Preferences and access levels for multiple users easily configurable
  • Manage time effectively and work towards deadlines with integrated diary feature
  • Integrate with Sage 50 Payroll

Further bolt on features for Sage 50 Accounts include:

Sage Pay
Accept payments securely online, over the phone or using card machines with 24/7 telephone support

Sage Payments
Manage and make payments straight from your software for only £10 per month*

Sage 50 CIS
Keep up to data and compliant with construction industry legislation for only £10 per month

Sage Foreign Trader - free with Sage 50 Accounts Professional
Work with overseas customers and suppliers in multiple currencies for only £10 per month

Credit Hound Express
Award-winning credit control software to help you get paid faster for only £20 per month

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From £25 per month

30 inc VAT)

Buy Now 30 Day Trial Watch a Webinar

Hassle-Free VAT

  • Everything required to effectively manage VAT
  • Dedicated VAT section that walks users through the process
  • Complete VAT returns in four easy steps using the VAT wizard
  • Reconcile VAT quickly with inbuilt calculators
  • VAT verifier included to make sure returns contain the necessary transactions
  • Send your submission to HMRC Online direct from the software - a legal requirement for most businesses
  • VAT returns status - so users are kept up to date with progress
  • Set up different tax codes and rates to suit your business
  • Manage standard VAT, VAT Cash Accounting, Flat Rate VAT and Irish VAT Cash Accounting
  • Record and manage EC Sales List returns

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Payment Plans and Support Packages

  • Flexibility to pay monthly, annual or multi-year subscriptions
  • Market leading local support options
  • Inclusive Online Support
  • Dedicated VAT section that walks users through the process
  • Online help centre full of guides and video demos to quickly get to grips with features
  • Step-by-step walk-through of key processes such as Year End and VAT returns
  • Phone Support plan available (additional charge)

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Cash Flow Control

  • Complete control over cash flow
  • Record money going in and out of your business
  • Manage multiple payment methods including cash, cheque, card and direct debit
  • Advanced credit position and bank reconciliation
  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Reports
  • Share data electronically with your accountant
  • Step-by-step guides to Year End and Month End processing
  • Configured to allow users to easily correct mistakes
  • Set lock dates to close-off financial periods

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Managing Customers

  • Create, store and easily find customer information
  • Quick Search feature instantly searches through customer records
  • Bespoke customer dashboard highlights outstanding debts
  • Customised and professional looking quotations and invoices
  • Sales invoices can be recorded in batches to save time and improve efficiency
  • Quotes, invoices and statements can be sent via email direct to customers
  • Add Sage Pay Pay Now buttons to invoices (requires a Sage Pay subscription)
  • Check quotes for profit margin before committing
  • Complete history of customer communication and activity available for reference
  • Apply flexible discounts and easily process refunds
  • Inactive customer records can be flagged and hidden
  • Powerful reporting tools to provide critical insight and information to users

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Managing Suppliers

  • Store supplier addresses, contacts and credit information
  • Search supplier records instantly using the Quick Search feature
  • Simple breakdown of outstanding invoices and who is owed money
  • Flag urgent outstanding payments and tasks for completion that day
  • Purchase invoices can be recorded in batches to save time
  • Pay invoices promptly from within the Sage 50 Accounts software
  • Save and view a history of all supplier activities and communications
  • Inactive supplier records can be flagged and hidden
  • Variety of reports available to analyse supplier debt, activity and performance
  • Email reports to other users, employees or suppliers when required

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Product and Stock Control

  • Complete control over products and stock
  • Configurable product stock codes, descriptions, categories and prices
  • Service quotes and invoices can easily be recorded onto the system
  • Data dashboard displays the top and bottom performing products in the range
  • Monitor the quantity and value of products in stock
  • Automatic updates to stock levels when invoices are posted
  • Profitability of each individual product line can be viewed
  • Inactive product records able to be flagged and hidden
  • Records can be kept up to date with a stock take
  • Add barcodes and QR codes to products to speed up processes
  • Insightful reports around product performance can quickly be setup
  • Comprehensive data around product sales by different customers

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Bank Feeds powered by Yodlee

  • Easy to set up and import your transactions.
  • Reconciliation and matching can be set up to your business requirements.
  • Matches based on mapping logic to suggest the most suitable matches.
  • You then simply need to review and confirm, removing the manual processes.
  • If a transaction from your banking doesn’t yet appear in your Sage 50 Accounts you can quickly and easily create it to remove the risk of any errors.
  • Easily remove any personal transactions.
  • Find specific transactions using the search facility so you can keep up to date with your cash flow.

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Sage Drive - Connected Users & Connected Accountant

  • Work from home, on the road or anywhere you like and stay connected - no need to leave software running in the office for access
  • Easily share information with other enabled devices
  • Share live accounts data securely online with your accountant - no more waiting for files to be transferred
  • Work together with your accountant on the most up-to-date data, without disrupting your business
  • No need to stop processing while your accountant provides their services, meaning less downtime for your business
  • See exactly what changes your accountant has made, so you understand the effect on your business
  • Full control of the access rights so you can always rest assured that your data is safe, secure and up to date

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Sage 50 Accounts Add-Ons

  • Perfect for anyone who needs business insight on the go
  • Insight on demand - available online and offline
  • Connect even without coverage - access to information even when you have no network coverage
  • Your data is secure and protected with encryption and secure sign in.

Tracker App

  • Available for smartphones
  • Not available on tablet devices
  • Immediately see top level sales, purchases, bank balances and profitability
  • Contacts and directions on demand - call, email or text direct from the app
  • Keep an eye on your cash flow - see where you have overdue payments and identify who you need to chase
  • Understand profit and loss - check balances for the month and year end to date
  • No expertise necessary - easy to use and no need to know how to use Sage 50 Accounts

Mobile Sales App

  • Available on tablet devices
  • Products and prices - immediately see details without referring to reports or calling the office
  • Quick quotes, orders and invoices - create on the spot order, quotes and invoices
  • Everything in one place - find customer contact details, purchase history and payment reliability, maps and directions straight from the app.

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Technical Information

The Technical Requirements and Licence Information for Sage 50 Accounts are available here.

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Apple Mac Compatibility

Sage 50 Accounts software is not compatible with Apple Mac hardware, unless users are running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 via the Apple Boot Camp utility.

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* Prices start from £10 per month, applications are subject to approval.