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Sage 50 Accounts & CIS

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Sage 50 Accounts & CIS conveniently brings together everything you need to:

  • Comply with the new Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
  • Manage your customers and suppliers and ensure an efficient cash flow for your business.

45 days free technical support included (excluding upgrades).

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  • Technical requirements

Key Features

All the benefits of Sage 50 Accounts plus:

  • Ensure you deduct the correct tax rates
  • Verify new subcontractors quickly
  • Securely store your Government Gateway account
  • Automatically capture all your CIS tax details

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From 6 April 2007, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) legislation means that the way you manage your subcontractors' tax deductions has changed.

You now need to submit monthly information to HMRC before deducting tax from your subcontractors pay, as well as producing monthly statements for them.

To help you get to grips with these changes we have brought together Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 CIS, especially for people who run construction businesses.

This unique package will not only help you manage your accounts with ease but will also dramatically reduce the work needed to comply with the new Construction Industry Scheme.

Sage 50 Accounts & CIS has all the standard features you need to manage your customers and suppliers and ensure an efficient cash flow for your business.
It will also help you easily manage the CIS changes by:

  • Speeding things up by emailing HMRC with your subcontractor details
  • Reducing the risk of being fined by producing accurate calculations
  • Complying with legislation by producing monthly subcontractor payment statements

HMRC have successfully tested and recognised Sage 50 CIS to both submit the Monthly Online Tax Return (CIS 300) and perform electronic verification of sub-contractor information.

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Already using Sage 50 Accounts?

If you're already using Sage 50 Accounts, then all you need to do is buy the additional Sage 50 CIS module.

In-depth information about Sage 50 Accounts & CIS

Sage 50 CIS modules offers you all of these specialist features:

  • Subcontractor tax management
    Record the right information and ensure you deduct the correct tax rates
  • Easy to set up
    Save time verifying new subcontractors by emailing information directly to HMRC
  • Monthly Tax Returns
    Automatically produce and check monthly tax returns before submitting them online via the Government Gateway
  • Subcontractor payments
    Record all transactions and automatically produce your monthly sub-contractor payment statements.

Plus all the great features of Sage 50 Accounts...

Easy to set up and use

  • Get up and running in just seven easy steps: with our easy to use setup wizard your software can be ready to use within minutes after installation is complete.
  • Learn with practice mode: learn with test data to see effects of changes before you commit to making changes in your own data.
  • Familiarise yourself with different areas of the program: learn how to carry out day to day tasks with a selection of guides and video demos.
  • Easily correct mistakes: an easy-to-use corrections module allows you to easily correct any mistakes you make in your accounts data.
  • Import your existing data: using simple wizards, you can import your existing data into your new software.
  • Online registration and activation: Complete your installation and set up quickly and easily online saving you time to get on with your accounts processing.

Manage your business

  • Keep track of your products and services: stock management and invoicing features help you manage your products and services.
  • Manage your time more efficiently: built-in diary and reminder features allow you to manage your time and schedule customer and supplier appointments.
  • See how your business is doing: with over 50 management reports to choose from you can analyse the performance of your business.
  • Quick Print: Use the quick print feature when you need to send invoices or quotes to multiple customers and suppliers.
  • Chart of Accounts: Automatically set up your chart of accounts based on your business type increasing your effiency.
  • Lock Date: Close off completed financial periods and prevent postings before a selected date so you never need to worry about misposting a transaction.
  • Take the hassle out of cross analysis: connect your software with other Sage software and make integrating departmental data an easier task.*

Manage your finances

  • See how profitable your business is: choose from in a number of reports to see how your business is doing in just a few clicks.
  • No need to put your accounts 'on hold': work on your data simultaneously with your accountant. **
  • Keep on top of your cash flow: ensure your transaction records are correct and up to date with easy bank reconciliation.
  • Manage your debt: instantly view your credit position. See who owes you money and who you owe money to.
  • Select your VAT scheme and we’ll do the hard work: VAT information is stored in one place for you to easily prepare, reconcile and submit your VAT return electronically.

Manage your customers and suppliers

  • Find your customer and supplier details quickly and easily: use customer and supplier records to store all their contact data, see their sales/purchase history and store communications.
  • Create professional looking invoices and quotes: a selection of standard invoices and quotations to send to your customers with the ability to personalise these with your own logo and company details.
  • Quick Search: Save time trying to find a customer or supplier with our new quick search feature.
  • Know how profitable your quotations or invoices are: calculate how profitable an order will be just one click before you commit to sending any invoices and quotations.
  • Speed up the payment process: add the Sage Pay ‘pay now’ button to your invoices to allow your customers to pay online immediately.
  • Control customer and supplier debt: with a section dedicated to managing debt. Analyse debt and quickly produce a selection of letters for those who owe you money.

Prepare and submit your VAT returns

  • Select your VAT scheme: standard VAT, VAT Cash Accounting and Flat Rate VAT schemes are all supported.
  • Keep all your VAT records in one place: VAT information is centrally stored in the VAT ledger when you enter transactions.
  • Make calculating VAT returns easier: use our VAT return tool to automatically calculate all VAT transactions at the end of your VAT period.
  • Submit accurate VAT returns: VAT reconciliation ensures you don't end up accounting for VAT multiple times for the same transactions.
  • Speed up the submission process: electronically submit your VAT return to HMRC from your software.

Sage 50 Accounts Mobile

  • Free to use: Sage 50 Accounts Mobile is free to download and use and there are no transfer limits. Connect it to your Sage 50 Accounts data or try it with demonstration data.
  • Easy to use: its clear and simple interface requires little accounts knowledge so you easily can get a snapshot of your business wherever you are.
  • Manage your accounts on the move: Sage 50 Accounts Mobile gives you access to the four main areas of your accounts data: customers, suppliers, financials and products & pricing.
  • Keep your data safe: all data transferred using Sage 50 Accounts Mobile is securely encrypted, meaning the data you transfer using your phone is safe and secure.
  • Save time and win new business: create quotations, orders and invoices on the spot using your mobile device.
  • Remotely manage your stock: with Sage 50 Accounts Mobile you’ll have all your product and stock information at your fingertips, allowing you view your pricelists and place orders on the spot.
  • Available for iPhone and Blackberry: Sage 50 Accounts Mobile is available for iPhone and Blackberry for use with Sage 50 Accounts. If you’re an iPad or Android user, please register your interest and we’ll let you know when applications are available.

Find out more about Sage 50 Accounts Mobile

* Additional purchase required. £250+VAT per additional user or company license

** Some areas of the program cannot be used whilst the Accountants Link is active

Licence Information

  • Sage 50 Accounts single user licence permits one installation of the software on a single workstation. If you would like to install the software on an additional workstation as backup you will need to purchase an additional installation licence (£250+VAT).
  • To use Sage 50 Accounts over a network you will need a two user licence (additional £250+VAT). If installed over a network there is no restriction to the number of workstations Sage 50 Accounts can be accessed from, but access will be limited to two concurrent users. Please note Sage 50 Accounts may not be used over multiple networks.
  • Unfortunately licences for multiple locations or premises are not available. If you need to use Sage 50 Accounts at multiple locations you will need a Wide Area Network. If a WAN is not in place, you will need a separate software licence for each location.

General Technical Requirements

  • 10Gb free disk
  • 2Ghz processor or higher
  • 1Gbps network (minimum 100Mbps)

Memory (RAM)

  • 1Gb RAM - Windows XP
  • 2Gb RAM - Windows Vista, 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Small Business Server 2011
  • 4Gb RAM - For all PCs running a 64-bit operating system

Operating System

All 32-bit and 64-bit variants of the below operating systems with the latest Microsoft Updates and Service Packs.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003 *
  • Windows Server 2008 *
  • Windows Small Business Server 2011 *
* Running software like Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SQL Server on a Small Business Server will reduce the performance of Sage 50 Accounts

Technical notes

  • Performance will be improved with higher specification computers and networks, and it only possible to install one copy on a single computer.
  • Works with Microsoft Office 2003 and all later editions, and please ensure you have the latest Microsoft updates installed.
  • This product will not install or run on the Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, or Windows NT4 operating systems.
  • The latest service packs should be installed for your operating system before installing or upgrading Sage products. 32-bit Operating Systems recommended.
  • Whilst there are no browser requirements for Sage 50 Accounts, we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or above for internet access to Sage Support and important Sage updates for your products.
  • Some features in Sage 50 Accounts, such as Automatic Updates require an internet connection.

Apple Mac compatibility

Sage software is not compatible with Apple Macs, unless you are running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 via Apple’s Boot Camp utility.

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