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Sage Developers' Programme Membership

Are you looking to develop solutions for Sage products to grow your business or meet your customers’ needs? Perhaps you’re a Sage customer looking to use your in-house resources to develop additional functionality for your Sage software? Whatever your development needs, the Sage Developers’ Programme can help.

Sage Developers' Programme Membership
  • Nine packages to suit your needs and budgets
  • Development tools for Sage products
  • Software Development Kit support year-round
  • Sage Software for testing
    and in-house use
  • Expert help from community resources
  • Sales and marketing support
    to sell your solutions

Get the tools to integrate with Sage Software

The Programme is the access point to a comprehensive range of development tools and support, which allow you to integrate with or customise Sage products. If you need help to market your products and services to Sage customers, we can provide help and resources for that too!

Access is provided through a choice of packages designed to support varying development needs and budgets. You can develop solutions for our Micro Market products from £8.25 a month, Small Business products from £125 a month, Mid-Market products from £166.67 a month or all three ranges from £208.33 a month!*

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*All prices exclude VAT and are based on a 12 month, interest-free, Direct Debit payment plan.

Payment options to suit you

An annual licence fee is the cost you pay for 12 months’ membership on the Sage Developers’ Programme. You can choose to pay for your membership through monthly, interest-free Direct Debit or via a one-off annual payment, which ever option suits your needs!

There are no additional charges for choosing to pay by monthly, interest-free Direct Debit, just the freedom to spread the cost of your package over a maximum of 12 months to make it easier for you to manage your cash flow. It's completely hassle free!

Alternatively, you can choose to pay for your package with a one-off payment via credit/debit card or a 30 day invoice. The choice is yours!

Package Monthly payment ex VAT (£) One-off annual payment ex VAT (£)
Micro Market Access 8.25 99
Micro Market Community 41.25 495
Micro Market Professional 57.92 695
Small Business Community 125 1,500
Small Business Professional 141.67 1,700
Mid-Market Community 166.67 2,000
Mid-Market Professional 183.33 2,200
Universal Community 208.33 2,500
Universal Professional 225 2,700
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