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Sage Instant Payroll

Sage Instant Payroll Annual Licence Plans are simple payroll software combined with award-winning support. Ideal for businesses with up to 10 employees, it requires no in-house expertise and allows you to run your payroll in 15 minutes.

Sage Instant Payroll Annual Licence Plans
  • Choose from two levels of support
  • Run your payroll in under 15 minutes
  • Electronically pay employees and HMRC
  • Store all your employee information
  • Print employee payslips and P60's
  • Stay up to date with payroll legislation

Why Choose Sage Instant Payroll?

  • Choose from two levels of support

    Both of our Instant Payroll annual licence plans combine Sage Instant Payroll with our award-winning support. Just choose which one is best for your business.

  • Run your payroll in under 15 minutes

    Sage Instant Payroll allows you to run your payroll in five simple steps; from setting up your employees to calculating deductions, printing payslips and making BACS payments.

  • Electronically pay your employees and HMRC

    Our free e-banking service lets you connect Sage Instant Payroll with your online banking. You can instantly pay HMRC and your employees securely over the internet.

  • Store all your employee information

    Safely store all your important employee information in one place. Store detailed records including personal details, tax codes and pay history.

  • Print employee payslips and P60's

    Creating and printing payslips, simple reports, P60s and other statutory forms is straightforward, with a variety of layouts for you to choose from.

  • Keep up to date with the latest payroll legislation

    Be confident that your payroll is legally compliant and accurate with our HMRC-recognised Payroll. You can count on Sage to keep you up-to-date with legislation changes like Real Time Information and the Workplace Pension Reform.

  • Submit and receive data from HMRC online

    Sage Instant Payroll takes the hassle out of keeping your HMRC PAYE data up-to-date. You can collect data, such as changes to employee tax codes, from the HMRC Secure Mailbox and directly apply them to your employee records

Quick specification

  • Choose to pay by direct debit from:
    £10 +VAT per month
  • Manage up to 10 employees
  • 1 user and 1 company licence
  • Up-to-date with 2014/15 Tax Year payroll legislation
  • Compatible with Windows 8

Choose from our two licence plans

  • Explore: online support and legislative updates.
  • Exchange: telephone support, online support and legislative updates.

Support plan details

Take a closer look

Choose a package that suits your business

An annual licence plan is a 12 month combined product and support solution that is designed to meet the needs of your business.

We've created 2 simple plans (Explore and Exchange) each offering a varied level of support and all with the latest legislatively compliant payroll software. Simple choose the one that suits your business.

You can choose to spread the cost of your plan with interest-free monthly Direct Debit or pay a one-off annual payment.




£10 per month



£11.25 per month



What's included?
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Easy to set up and use

  • 12 month licence for Sage Instant Payroll

  • Spread the cost monthly by interest-free Direct Debit

  • Simple, clean look & feel is easy to follow

  • Key tasks are simplified & highlighted for you

  • e-learning module - online tutorials to get you up and running

  • Officially accredited by HM Revenue & Customs

  • RSS feed keeps you updated with news and service messages

  • All the very latest 2014/15 HM Revenue & Customs legislation

  • Sage support included: choose from Exchange or Explore

Manage your people

  • Store all your employee information in one place

  • Create, maintain and print employee records

  • Track holiday allocations and sickness through the employer diary

  • Set up and maintain pension schemes for your employees

  • Automatically produce all the necessary paperwork for leavers

  • Start your holiday year on any date

  • Manage up to 10 starters and 10 leavers in a financial year

  • Receive electronic updates from HMRC on employees' tax codes

Process your payroll

  • Process the payroll of up to 10 people - when and how you prefer

  • Run your payroll in less than 15 minutes

  • Easily correct mistakes from a previous pay period

  • Check your payslips and print directly from the software

  • Automatically calculate tax, NI, sick and maternity pay

  • Select the layout of payslips and P45/P60s to fit your printer

  • Make secure electronic payments to employees through BACS e-payments

  • Submit P45 and P35 forms online to HM Revenue & Customs

Complete your Payroll Year End

  • Useful step-by-step guides will walk you through Payroll Year End

  • Balance your Year End payments - check the payment or refund due to HMRC

  • Process and print your P11 Deductions Working Sheets (PAYE & NIC)

  • Produce and print P60 End of Year Summary for your employees, and save as PDFs

  • Securely submit your P14 and P35 forms to HMRC electronically

  • Complete your Year End: clear year to date values and start a new payroll year

  • Archive PDF versions of year end reports so they are quick and easy to access

Manage your compliance

  • HMRC recognised software

  • Comply with the very latest legislation for the tax year 2014/15

  • Directly submit PAYE data to HMRC online

  • Exchange employee data direct with HMRC online

  • Automatically calculate statutory sick, maternity, paternity and adoption pay

Complete support and advice for your business

Email support and access to the Ask Sage online support database.

Telephone support, email support and access to the Ask Sage online support database.

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