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Sage Self-Seal Payslip Mailers

Sage Self-Seal Payslip Mailers are a simple and secure way to run a hassle-free payroll. No need for an envelope or sealing machine, Sage Self-Seal Payslips allow you to pay employees in a confidential and professional manner


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Sage Self-Seal Payslips

Sage Self-Seal Payslips record your employees' salaries, bonuses and deductions in an informative and confidential format. No need for an envelope or sealing machine, these payslips will save you valuable time, effort and cost with the simple to use self-adhesive strips.

Sage Self-Seal Payslip Mailers are compatible with all laser printers and Sage Payroll Software users can benefit from an automatically aligned printing process, saving you time and money.


  • Company Information
  • Date and Payroll period
  • Tax and National Insurance Details
  • Employee Details
  • Deductions
  • Gross Pay
  • Net Pay


*Offer ends 28 September 2017.

Features & Benefits
  • Auto-aligns with Sage Payroll Software
  • Present important information accurately
  • Clear layouts
  • High quality
  • Dimensions 210mm x 297mm
  • Low-carbon footprint from UK sources
  • 100% recyclable
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