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Sage One Start

£3 per month1

(£3.60 inc VAT)

(RRP £6 per month)

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Quick Specification:

Simple cash flow management


Sage One Start is a simple online tool that helps you keep track of the money in and out of your business.

Perfect for cash based start-ups, sole traders, freelancers and entrepreneurs, it's a simple yet professional way of staying on top of your cash flow and removing the need of keeping a shoe box full of receipts.

Sage One Start includes free 24/7 support from our UK-based customer support team. And with the ability to work in real-time with your accountant, you'll find it even easier to stay in control.


1 50% off for the first 3 months. Offer expires 31 March 2017.

Easy invoicing

Create professional looking sales invoices on the go. Email sales invoices directly to your customers from within Sage One Start.


Communicate with your customers

Set up recurring statements to your customers and email them directly to your contacts, print a copy and export the information to a CSV file.


Manage your money quickly and easily

Keep track of the money going in and out of your business with our simple, jargon-free software that requires no accounting experience or training.


Quickly see how your business is doing

Get an overview of your income, expenses and profit for the month and year to date. You'll also see a snapshot of the money in your current account.


Submit your VAT online

Feel in control by managing and submitting your own VAT online. Using Sage One Start, it's so simple and you can submit straight to HMRC safely and securely.


Freedom to work from anywhere

Sage One Start is online, allowing you to access your information from any internet-enabled device, including a Mac or iPad.


Store contacts in one place

Record your customer and supplier contacts in one place quickly and easily and add notes against them for future reference, helping to build a good relationship with them.


Automatic bank feeds

Save time with free, secure automatic bank feeds. Get an accurate and up to date view of your finances with no need for manual imports or downloads, giving you more time to focus on your business.


Work better with your accountant

Your accountant can login from the comfort of their own practice to manage your books, keeping the cost down and allowing them to offer services that help your business improve.


Free Sage Expenses & Invoices App

Sage One Start comes with a free App for your Apple Devices that seamlessly links with Sage One Start. This app allows you to create and send invoices, record your business transactions and performance at any time from your smart device.



Getting Started with Sage One Start

  • Manage your money in and out of your business
  • Submit and manage your VAT online directly to HMRC
  • Automatic bank feeds reducing manual data entry
  • Intuitive dashboard and reporting
  • Get up and running in minutes
  • Removes the need of a shoe box full of receipts keeping you up to date as you go
  • Free 24/7 expert advice via phone or email
  • Set up recurring expenses
  • Check the cash flow summary reports based on the date range you enter
  • See a breakdown of the money in the bank by date range.

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£3 per month1

(£3.60 inc VAT)

(RRP £6 per month)

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Quick Specification:

Simple and professional Sales Invoices

  • Quickly create professional sales invoices
  • Print or email your customer their sales invoices
  • Simple tracking of which sales invoices are overdue
  • Effortlessly record payments against your sales invoices

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Automatic Bank Feeds

  • Link your online bank account directly to Sage One Start
  • Banking transactions are automatically imported into your accounts
  • Easy and secure way to view finances
  • Reduces manual data entry by up to 80%
  • Speeds up bank reconciliation
  • Allows you to view and compare your bank information in real-time
  • Increases the accuracy of your accounts.

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  • Keep track of your bank account activity with the bank feature
  • The cash-in-hand facility lets you record cash deposits into the bank as you make them
  • If you take drawings from the business, you can record this accurately and easily.

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View your Business Summary

  • Access your data anytime and anywhere from any internet enabled device
  • Get a snapshot of your bank balance history so you can monitor your cash flow
  • Summary screen gives you a quick view of sales, expenses and profit for the month and year to date
  • Run a report to see a breakdown of your profit or loss
  • Send your profit and loss report to your bank manager or accountant.

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Work efficiently with a Sage One Accountant

  • Improve the way you work with your accountant. Your accountant can login from the comfort of their own practice to manage your books, keeping your costs down and allowing them to concentrate on how to improve your business.

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1 Offer valid on first 3 months subscription. Offer expires 31 March 2017.